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Nominal Phenomenon
The in-universe Trope Namer.
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Do We Have This One?? Show me if we do. Description help is wanted. And the YKTTW needs examples badly - I saw this one recently and I can't think of much else.

Sometimes, an event is remembered not just for what it was but who was involved in it; the relationship between "what" and "who" is so close that the person's name becomes a synonym for the event in question.

This is something of the in-universe equivalent to a Trope Namer.

Animated films

  • The phrase "going Turbo" in Wreck-It Ralph. Halfway through the film, Felix explains its meaning to characters of a newly installed arcade machine: they named it after a time when Turbo, the star character of an arcade racing game, was so jealous of a newer game's popularity that he abandoned his own game and appeared in it, causing the game to glitch up and ultimately resulting in both it and his game cabinet being unplugged and removed from the arcade.
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