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Referential Speaking

speaking as if telling to someone who can't see

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"'Misaka just came from there,' she says pointing."

"A Third-Person Person has many mannerisms. One of them, of course, is speaking of themselves by their first (or last) name, instead of using the words I, me, or myself.

Less commonly, this is another. Basically, the person speaks as if watching themselves do the action, and having to explain as a reference to someone who didn't see them just do it.

Basically, it would be like someone writing a trope, they type the words along, word by word, and then they release their statement as a quote. Also a probable trait of a Lemony Narrator.

Of course, this is not always a self-referential statement. It could also refer to someone else's action. Expect the object of this attention to not be amused, however," he said as he continued to type each line. Knowing that he could not continue to write this trope indefinitely, he ended rather abruptly, right here.


"Anime and Manga," he said, as he watched.

"Comic Books," he wrote, into the margins.

"Film," he explained, while watching the epic.

"Live Action TV," he told the readers, while watching his soaps.

"Literature," the author wrote.

"Webcomics," he mentioned.

"Western Animation," he briefly spoke of.
  • In Family Guy, there's a guy who sings (and plays the piano) telling about whatever he sees. The Griffins quickly decide to walk off.

"No Real Life Examples, Please!," he warned, knowing such people are likely to be interpreted as insane.
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