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When someone creates a trope, they are not bound by it's soon to be cliches. As a result some Trope Makers can seem like Deconstructions in retrospect. This is especially true when another work is the Trope Codifier, the original use can even be shocking in comparison!

  • Night of the Living Dead, Trope Maker for Zombie Apocalypse, would be seen as a deconstruction today. The total lack of explanation, the concentration on the human reaction, the final scenes where an explicit parallel is made between roving zombies and frontier justice... I could go on.
  • If Astro Boy began to day, it would be called a Darker and Edgier take on Replacement Goldfish. Dr. Tenma is clearly portrayed as psychotic for believing he can do such a thing and abuses the little robot whenever he behaves anything other than exactly like his son Tobio. The doctor explodes at Astro when Astro doesn't age, which Astro is physically incapable of doing. Then he sells Astro Boy into slavery. Yeah...

Needs a Better Title.
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