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Please help me

90s anime vhs tape, scary for kids

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Please please someone try and help me. Im looking for a show, or possibly a short movie, that I watched in the late 90s. I had the show on VHS tape, and im not sure if it was ever actually on tv. the movie was intended to be relatively scary, but it was for younger kids. it might have been anime style. The show/movie had a guy in the woods, and at one point the trees were normal and then all of a sudden the trees were like, evil or something. The guy took shelter in some old ladies hut i think. At one point, there was a pretty castle and town, and there ends up being all of these rich men and women, and there's a dance. The dance is like on some rooftop, but all of a sudden, some of the dancing people are actually monsters... I have a feeling there was an owl involved at some point. Also, and this part I remember pretty well, there was a never ending hallway that the guy kept trying to run down, and there was definitely a witch. Im also pretty sure there was a staircase that took the guy and girl to the roof but the staircase disappeared. Other small details involve three robbers who get trapped in a dungeon. I realize that this is very little to go on, but i legit am dying to figure out what this was. I will be forever in your debt.
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