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Nation Species Equivalence
One nation per species, one species per nation
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In Real Life, racial and ethnic divisions and how they line up with nationality are pretty hairy business. Even a nation like Japan, with oceans marking its borders and mind-boggling a level of ethnic homogeneity, has minority groups like the Ainu and Zainichi Koreans.

In Scifi and Fantasy that social construct gets extended beyond the population level to entire species. If there are several different species, then chances are each species will have their own nation state, and each of those nations will be solely populated by that species. Humans are often exempt from this rule, both in that there may be several human nations and that any human nation may have a notable nonhuman minority.

When this trope is in effect, expect to see most references to the nation be replaced with references to the species.

Compare SingleBiome Planet and PlanetOfHats. Contrast Multicultural Alien Planet.

Examples of Subversion and Aversion

  • Prince Roger is an aversion; the one non-human major nation has a notable human minority, and two native species.

Live-Action Television
  • Babylon 5 - this trope is omnipresent. A notable example is when Londo identifies the government attempting to bug his quarters solely based on the species of the culprit. Also of note is the human excemption by way of The War of Earthly Aggression between the Earth federation and Mars colony.

Tabletop Games

  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • The underground Drow cities in various settings
    • Greyhawk: Celene (elves)
    • Mystara: Rockhome (dwarves), Five Shires (halflings), Alfheim (elves)
    • Forgotten Realms: Isle of Evermeet (elves), Deep Realm (gold dwarves), Luiren (halflings). Shield Dwarf enclaves include Citadel Adbar, Mithral Hall and Citadel Felbarr.
    • Dragon Lance: Qualinesti and Silvanesti (elves)
    • In the Eberron the continent of Khorvaire was unified under the human-ruled kingdom of Galifar before the Last War. During the war many of the non-human races reclaimed their ancestral homelands: Dwarves = The Mror Holds, Gnomes = Zilargo, Halflings = The Talenta Plains, Goblinoids = Darguun, and Elven mercenaries from the island continent of Aerenal seized a chunk of land and named it Valenar. Humans originated on a different continent that has fallen under the control of extraplanar entities, and the Warforged and half-human races lack homelands entirely. In addition most of the other nations on Khorvaire have sizable minorities of all the common races.
  • Atlantis: The Lost World generic RPG setting. The elven nation of Broceliande.

Video Games
  • League of Legends - Ionia and Demacia's champions run the gamut of every sort of creature one could imagine, while Noxus has only champions that are humans or mutations thereof.
  • Each playable race in The Elder Scrolls series is native to a different province of Tamriel.
    • Cyrodiil = Imperial
    • Black Marsh = Argonian
    • Elsweyr = Khajiit
    • Hammerfell = Redguard
    • High Rock = Breton
    • Morrowind = Dunmer
    • Skyrim = Nord
    • Summerset Isle = Altmer
    • Valenwood = Bosmer
    • Orsinium = Orc (not actually its own province; Orsinium is located in High Rock)

  • Real Life; One sentient species, two hundred and seven sovereign states. Of course, the human expemtion applies.
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