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Masculine Colors, Feminine Colors
A Missing Supertrope about colors and gender.
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Just noticed that this is another Missing Supertrope.

Throughout human society, we have associated particular colors with particular character traits. Sometimes, this is subconscious—but most of the time, it's a construction of the time we're in. There was a time, for example, when pink was considered a more masculine color than blue. However, this was supposedly changed when American advertising campaigns began associating pink clothes for girls and blue for boys. For a time, however ("a time" meaning up until 1940!), the exact opposite was true.

Since then, certain colors have become more associated with a specific gender, though specifics depend on the era and the culture. Feminine colors tend to stay in the saturated and brighter shades (pink being a brighter shade of red, baby blues, etc). While masculine colors are usually somewhat darker in shade; "blood" red instead of pink, "midnight" blue instead of baby blue. Even this, however, depends upon the values of the era.

As such, This Wiki has a number of tropes which demonstrate the association between color and gender:

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