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Different Nationality Mob Wife

Exactly What It Says On The Tin

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Tropes teach us that in civilian life the Nice Jewish Boy wants a Shiksa Goddess. An Asian Guy thinks blondes are better. And the black dude is infatuated with the white girl. Apparently these tropes apply heavily to the world of organized crime. It may be a latent desire to in some way escape the culture in which their criminality was bred. Maybe the girl is just hot. But the tendency in film and television for the wife or girlfriend of a character to be of an ethnic group different from their husband and/or his organization is quite prevalent.


  • In The Godfather- Italian-American Michael Corleone, Kay Adams
  • In Goodfellas- Irish-Italian Henry Hill, Jewish-American Karen Hill [1]
  • In Scarface- Cuban Tony Montana, WASP Elvira Hancock
  • In Carlito's Way- Puerto-Rican American Carlito Brigante, WASP Gail
  • In American Gangster- black Frank Lucas, Puerto Rican Eva
  • In Public Enemies- American Southerner John Dilinger, half-French half Indian Billie Frechette.
  • In Pulp Fiction: black Marsellus Wallace, white Mia Wallace.

Live Action TV
  • In the series Boardwalk Empire- Irish-American James Darmody is married to Italian-American Angela, while friend Al Capone is married to an Irish woman.
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  • February 1, 2013
    There may be something behind it, but I can't name any examples.
  • February 1, 2013
    So for the sake of this trope, are we considering Italian and white separate ethnicities?
  • February 1, 2013
    ^I think perhaps "nationality" is a better term.
  • February 1, 2013
    ^ This is a bit of Racism Marches On; in the USA, at the time a lot of mob movies are set (the 1930s), Italians, Irish, and Catholics in general were considered distinct ethnicities and suffered pretty severe discrimination (never as bad as what black people got, though). This is in fact part of why the Italians and the Irish were so prominent in Organized Crime: they organized themselves to resist discrimination, and then being shut out of many legitimate businesses (no pun intended), turned to crime to support themselves.

    That said, for clarity's sake I like using "nationality" in the title.
  • February 1, 2013
    In Pulp Fiction: black Marsellus Wallace, white Mia Wallace.
  • February 1, 2013
    "An Asian Guy thinks blondes are better"

    Is this true? I've never heard it.

    I know it's a generalization either way but I've never even heard of it as a stereotype.
  • February 1, 2013
    ^Probably just an example he pulled out of his hat.
  • February 1, 2013
    • In The Last Gangster- American Joe Krozac and "European" Tayla (her nationality isn't explicitly stated, though her actress is Austrian and has the accent)
  • February 1, 2013
    ^In the same way that you'll have asian gal whie guy there is something of a distaff counterpart to that. I didn't mean to imply that he'd be explicitly and disproportionally attracted to blondes. Hee hee sorry if it seemed like that's what I meant..
  • February 3, 2013
  • August 13, 2016
    Don't see any meaning here either, especially with such an overly specific set of characters. You could probably name an equal or greater number of mobsters with same nationality/ethnicity wives. About 70% of the characters in the Sopranos, for one.