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Slogan Shout Out
Character dialogue uses a particularly recognizable advertising slogan.
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ShoutOuts are Troper gold. It's always fun when a show references your favorite movie. But they aren't always to media; sometimes they reference an advertising slogan. Which they choose is dependent on many factors such as target audience, context, time period, seriousness, advertising support, and presence of fourth walls.

Note: Since there are dozens of slogans that made sufficient penetration into the zeitgeist to be referenced this way, the page will be sorted the ordinary media way. To make sure the reference can be understood, the slogan must be quoted and the company or agency it is from directly stated. Proximity to another piece of media that mentions them is not reason to skip either one, since entries can be moved, removed, and modified. If a slogan is sufficiently repeated to become a large chunk of entries so that there are whole strings of media that reference it, it may be separated into its own folder.

If the slogan is usually sung, this can overlap with Waxing Lyrical.


  • In The Marx Brothers' Horse Feathers a Chain Of Puns references an old slogan for Camel cigarettes, "I'd walk a mile for a Camel:"
    Baravelli (Chico): Well now, sometimes I take aspirin, sometimes I take-a calomel.
    Wagstaff (Groucho): Say, I'd walk a mile for a calomel.

  • The protagonist of Robert A. Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of Justice at one point says a guy's ass in his bellhop uniform brings to mind the slogan "so round, so firm, so fully packed".

Live-Action TV:
  • Dealing with Cybermats? The Doctor has an app for that, an Apple slogan in the early iPhone era.
    • The Doctor, in "Closing Time", on learning that a Monster of the Week is shielded from his typical sonic says, "Don't worry, I have an app for that!"
  • An episode of CSI about a couple of disaffected office workers planning a heist has one hand the other his phone to use as a light source after the later complained the shaft he was sneaking through was too dark and saying There's an app for that.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon accidentally cost Howard security clearance on a project and wanted to drown his sorrows (he normally doesn't ever drink), so he goes to The Cheesecake Factory where Penny was working as a bartender. She asked him why he doesn't go someplace like The Olive Garden and he responded "I don't like The Olive Garden... they treat me like family." She asked him what cocktail he wanted and he said something to the effect of "I'm not sure but thankfully, due to the presence of alcoholic programmers, there's an app for that."
  • Castle has an app for everything. Even fingerprints.

Web Comics:

Western Animation:
  • A promo for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, shows that "there's a pony for that." It features many Ascended Memes.
  • Futurama, "Attack of the Killer App". The gang is waiting in line to buy Mom's new eyePhone:
    Fry: I wish I knew how long we've been waiting.
    Dr. Ben Beeler: The new eyePhone has an app for that.
    Bender: Does it have an app for biting my shiny, metal ass?
    Dr. Ben Beeler: Several.
    Bender: (delighted) Oooh!
  • The title of one The Simpsons episode about Burns' private jet is "He Loves To Fly And He Doh's", a reference to the Delta slogan "We love to fly, and it shows".
  • In the Looney Tunes short "Book Revue", Daffy Duck (in the style of Danny Kaye) tells the story of Cucaracha, describing her as "so round, so firm, so packed, so easy on the draw", riffing on a slogan for a cigarette brand called Lucky Strike
    • In another Looney Tunes (I forget the title) about a flea, the flea mentions "so round, so firm, so fully packed!" just before taking a bite of the dog he's infested.

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