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Empty Evil Organization

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Related to Empty World Syndrome. Needs More Examples

So there's a Nebulous Evil Organization that serves as antagonists to our heroes. They have the technology, the evil plans, the money, and are well known enough to pose a threat. However, despite being this huge organization, they seem to be lacking in actual members. Sure, they have a Diabolical Mastermind or Corrupt Corporate Executive leading, usually a Dragon or two carrying out the plans, but you never see anyone outside of these few main villains.

An organization like this would be an Empty Evil Organization. In these organizations, there are no Mooks or Punch Clock Villains. If there are, the audiance doesn't know about them because they are never acknowledged or used by the organization. It's just the Big Bad, The Dragon, and maybe a trusted henchman running the entire organization.


  • In the Inspector Gadget live action movie, the claw (who is a Corrupt Corporate Executive in person), only has a couple of henchmen (who only serve as comic relief) and a Dragon later on. For a leader of a multimillion dollar corporation, you'd think he'd have more people in on his plan.

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