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Yank Into Melee Range
An attack that pulls a distant foe towards the attacker
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Melee combat can be a problem if a pesky opponent keeps running or refuses to come close enough to be struck. Solution? Make them. Just snag them with your whip, grappling hook, psychic powers, or other Weapon of Choice, and yank them through the air towards you, leaving them open for a pummelling.

Contrast Knockback. See also Whip It Good.



  • Spider-Man, the titular hero does this all the time with his webs.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Module S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. The police robots aboard the crashed spaceship have tractor beams that can drag an object or opponent weighing up to 300 pounds toward them.
    • Some demons have a Telekinesis power that they can use to drag opponents toward them.
    • Giant Frogs have tongues 3 times their body length that they can use to drag opponents to their mouths.
    • The Balor had the infamous ability to use his whip to yank you right into melee range, where you would be burned by the flames surrounding the powerful demon's body.

Live-Action Television
  • In the series The Cape, the title character will use his cape for such stunts as dragging someone in close, disarming them, and strangling them.

Video Games
  • Scorpion of the Mortal Kombat series has his iconic Spear attack, hurling a kunai on the end of a rope or chain into the enemy's chest and pulling them towards him.
  • The Viper of Starcraft II has Abduct, lashing onto a unit and pulling them towards the Viper.
  • Firion in Dissidia: Final Fantasy has Reel Axe, where his throws his axe like a Precision-Guided Boomerang and it knocks the opponent back towards him on the rebound. Also present with his Rope Knife attack. Bartz, as a Mimic, copies the axe throw for Reel Impulse.
  • The Legend of Zelda has the Hookshot and its variants have this effect on enemies sometimes, depending on the game. In some games it instead pulls Link to the enemy, or just yanks the armor or weapon off of them.
  • In World of Warcraft, the Death Knight class has an ability which can do this.
  • In the Heroes of Might and Magic V stand-alone expansion Tribes of the East, the dwarf faction has harpoon-throwers that can drag the enemy towards them. The inferno faction's archdemons have Telekinetic Pull which teleports a distant unit next to them.
  • Legacy of Kain Defiance, Kain can lift enemies with his telekinesis and pull them towards him, or send them flying backwards. Raziel eventually gains the power to do this as well.
  • Across Super Smash Bros. and its sequels, this is known as the Tether Grab and is used by several characters, including Samus with the Grapple Beam, Link and his Young and Toon variants with the Hookshot/Clawshot, and Yoshi with his tongue.
  • In Evil Dead: Regeneration, Ash finds a harpoon gun that he can attach to his severed arm. You use it to impale enemies and then pull them into range of your Short-Range Shotgun.
  • In Half-Life:Opposing Force, the Grapple weapon (a detached Barnacle) can latch onto and bite enemies, although only Head Crabs are light enough to be actually pulled to you.
  • Nero's Devil Bringer in Devil May Cry 4 can be used to grab smaller enemies and pull them towards Nero (or pull Nero closer to large enemies), as well as for grapple-based special attacks.
  • Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge gives us the Magneton, which can pull enemy vehicles towards itself using magnets.
  • From Diablo III:
    • The Barbarian's Ancient Spear attack basically functions as this, allowing you to yank enemies toward you for a melee beatdown.
    • The Butcher at the end of Act 1 can also do this, with the added bonus of stunning you once you're in melee range.
    • Vortex elites are quite fond of doing this, which can be quite aggravating when combined with abilities that make melee a bad idea.
  • City of Heroes features the "teleport foe" power, which teleports opponents adjacent to your opponent. As a low-tier power in a power pool, any character could potentially have this power. Of course, most character archetypes DON'T want to bring enemies this close to them and those that do can generally do more effective things to their opponents.
  • In Minecraft, the Fishing rod can be used for...well... Fishing, you just launch if to the water and then pull out a fish...OR... you could launch it to an enemy pull him to yourself and make a quick switch to your melee weapon and finish them off, or move them towards a lava pool or cliff, it is specially usefull on the Nether, when you can use it to get the Deathly (And highly Annoying) ghasts to a melee range and a spot where their loot might not end up be consumed by lava

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