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Capture Backfire Gambit
The captors don't know what they're in for!
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When one, some, or all the members of a heroic or villainous side are captured, sometimes it was part of the plan all along. Other times it isn't, but the captives will make use of their improvisational skills and whip the captors in due time. In other words, the Capture Backfire Gambit is where the captive(s) have the captor right where they want them!

The usual set-up for this trope is for someone to willingly surrender in order to be taken into the enemy base. When a hero does this, it's usually so they can get inside the Big Bad's secret lair, stop them, and maybe rescue a few prisoners on the way. When a villain does this, it's usually so they can escape while wreaking maximum havoc; expect at least one of the heroes to be a little bit suspicious and say something like "It's too easy".

Compare Assimilation Backfire, Playing Possum, Wounded Gazelle Gambit. Related to Get Into Jail Free and Play-Along Prisoner. May or may not invoke Pity the Kidnapper, or involve becoming a Poisonous Captive. Often overlaps with Prison Episode, as many such episodes are the result of this.

This trope is not Trojan Prisoner, which involves the "captors" being on the same team as the "captive" as part of a ploy to get inside the opponent's base. No, this trope is actually allowing oneself to be captured by the opposing team, as part of a plan to beat them.



Live-Action TV
  • Star Trek: Voyager episode "Unimatrix Zero". Janeway's epic plan to take down the Borg collective involves getting herself and two crewmates assimilated.

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