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All kinds of collectable foods in video games.
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It is no secret that video gameplay is not meant to be taken literally. The way food works is no exception. You know how it goes: You either walk over a food in question or, in RPGs, select it on the item screen. Whoever consumes it (presumably in one gulp) either gains points or recovers damage, or something or other. Such also applies to other similar-purposed things like first aid kits.

This is a subtrope of both that and Food Porn. It's not enough to have one kind of food, a few kinds, or even an entire group, such as fruits or vegetables, function as items. There has to be an entire variety of food that has a common role for the player. Not to say that they must all do the same thing; they could be all items that recover different amounts of health or have different functions altogether. Nor should this be confused with Level Ate, which is about food-themed worlds, nor is it enough for the game itself to be food-themed. This is about all kinds of food appearing throughout the game as collectibles, at least on the sidelines.

Related to Hyperactive Metabolism.



  • In Chip-chan Kick, enemies turn into either food or power-ups when defeated. What they can turn into depends on what stage you're on. For example, enemies in the city leave behind candy bars, chocolate cornets, donuts, and croissants among other things, while the zoo features things like pizzas, cheeseburgers, ice cream cones, and sticks of bubblegum. All food items give you points, good for extra lives, and while most people will find them useless, you can only proceed to the next round in each stage when there are no more pickups left to obtain, so you might as well eat whatever's available once you defeat everything onscreen.
  • Kirby Super Star features things like snowcones, oranges, pancakes, baby bottles, pea pods, pudding, corn, and lots more in all its main games, to say nothing of M-tomatoes (which completely max out your life meter) and lollipops (which make you temporarily invincible). There's even a game called Gourmet Race, which is all about that.
  • Super Buster Bros. offers things like corn, apples, coffee, donuts, and pineapples. Collect ten food items without losing all your lives for a free continue!
  • Prehistorik Man had a lot of various foodstuffs as collectibles, since the object of the quest was to gather food for the tribe. Said food comes in four groups: Dairy, junk, fruits, and big foods.


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  • Various food items (as well as weapons and loot) in the main Final Fight trilogy can be revealed by busting things like crates, oil drums, barrels, and other things. Sushi, chocolate, chicken, beer, spinach, burgers, curry, and more, just waiting for someone to break a water cooler!



  • Paper Mario, starting with basic items like berries, apples, lemons, cake mix, coconuts, and of course, mushrooms. Tayce T. cooks items together to make more complex things like spaghetti, soup, and cakes.
  • The entire Tales Series gives you the pleasure of combining all kinds of food, such as chicken, cabbage, beef, and eggs, into full-out dishes such as hamburgers and rice balls.
  • While EarthBound Zero didn't have a whole lot to offer as far as food goes, the sky's the limit with Earthbound! From burgers, fries, cookies, and Skip Sandwiches in your hometown, to more elegant foods such as iced tea in Summers! Of course, the amounts of HP a lot of them recover are less than enemies deal where and when they're available, and thus go unbought by most players. There's even an NPC in Onett's burger joint that advises you not to bother with cheaper foods available.
    • Mother 3 continues this tradition. Initially, given the setting, your diet consists of things like nuts, mushrooms, beef jerky, and cheese. Not long into the game, though, come bags of pork chips, lootable from defeated Pigmask soldiers, marking the beginning of the end of the simple life that defines Tazmily Village up until then with the first processed foods since the end of the old world.
  • Used variously in The Elder Scrolls series, including bread, butter, cheese, ale, carrots, stew, and various kinds of meat. In Morrowind and Oblivion, food (of all kinds) is a type of ingredient, which can be eaten raw or used to make potions; they have various effects, mostly restoring stamina.
    • In Skyrim, food is different from ingredients and can have a plethora of effects, from Health Food to poor man's potions, depending on how rare is the item.


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  • Minecraft, along with having a hunger bar to determine when you should eat and when you can't, features a wide plethora of food with which to keep it full, such as apples, carrots, steaks, cakes, pies, etc.

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