We Have Come For Your Chocolate
Aliens are interested in Earth specifically for its rich Candy preserves

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Earth is not the center of the universe, but nonetheless it is special - we have a precious commodity. No, not our nubile Earth women. Something better.


Turns out, our common comestible X is an Impossibly Delicious Food to aliens, who go to absurd lengths to acquire it. UFO:s? Smuggling candy past border checks. Alien abductions? Happens because humans might have hershey bars in their pockets. Cattle mutilations? Aliens will NOT give up until they figure out how to extract chocolate milk.

Subtrope of Everythings Better With Chocolate, Alien Catnip, Alien Arts Are Appreciated, No Biochemical Barriers.

Compare Trademark Favorite Food, Spice of Life, I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin, One Man's Trash Is Another's Treasure, Alien Lunch.

Chocolate might be a Power-Up Food to the aliens, but if they need it to power their spaceships, it's What Do You Mean, It's Phlebotinum?.


  • Tennyo from the Whateley Universe pays aliens a fortune for what turns out to be a Hershey bar, smuggled from Earth at great cost.
  • In the Marvel Comics series Strikeforce: Morituri, the alien Planet Looters find chocolate to be a powerful intoxicant.
  • In the Young Wizards series, chocolate has a variety of effects on different alien species; it acts as a drug for some, but others just like how it tastes. It's also why UFOs really visit Earth. Carmela forces an entire battalion of aliens to back down by threatening a wrapped chocolate bar in the eighth book.
  • In The Company Novels, chocolate (referred to as Theobromos) is the only thing that can intoxicate the time-traveling operatives, and thus you get things like one character having a "dealer" in premium chocolate.
  • John Crichton of Farscape's reason to get back to earth - in spite of the fact that it's full of diseases: You guys have no chocolate.
  • One issue of the 1970s Shazam comic book had aliens invade Earth for its chocolate and candy—only to learn the concept of cavities.

Other Consumables
  • In Animorphs, Ax imagines that one day the other Andalites will come to earth just to eat the cinnamon buns. Having a mouth makes him go crazy for everything but those are his favorite.
  • In Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire it turns out that the main reason most alien species put up with humanity's presence is...popsicles.
  • In Futurama one of Earth's more notable creations is apparently the pizza bagel.
  • In I Was A Sixth Grade Alien, the aliens visiting Earth want to find a reason to establish friendly relations with us, but we don't have anything they actually particularly want. Until, that is, they discover peanut butter. Not because it's so delicious, but because it supercharges their romantic and sexual drives.
  • In Roger Zelazny's This Immortal, the aliens view original-formula Coca-Cola as humanity's second-greatest contribution to galactic culture. The first being a new and interesting problem in the social sciences, namely, what to do with a species who managed to ruin their own homeworld. (They also apparently appreciate poetry).
  • Hal Clement's Ice World. Aliens (who live at a much higher temperature than humans) discover that burning tobacco is an extremely powerful and addictive drug to them. They violate their civilization's laws to smuggle it off Earth.
  • In a non-canonical issue of Marvel Team Up Peter Parker's Aunt May feeds Galactus Grosstest Twinkles, which he finds extremely fulfilling. She rescues Earth (and the rest of the universe) by finding him a cosmic baker who makes planet sized Twinkles.
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