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Hero-Mook Team

A party consisting of a single hero with Faceless Goons as teammates

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This is more or less Exactly What It Says on the Tin. In a traditional four person party, this means distinct party member and three other "party members" in helmets. If this is a Squaresoft game, the teammate mooks will probably have names such as Vicks/Biggs, Wedge, and Piette. They will likely be divided up as have one Fighter / White Mage and one Fighter / Black Mage, and a purebred backup fighter.

There are several possible reasons for this. Perhaps the character in question is leader of troops, and thus is meant to stand out, since he has unique armor and/or can get away without the uniform. Or perhaps he too is actually in uniform, and this is simply a means of stylistically setting him/her apart from the other troops. In either of the first two cases, it is almost a given that the character will lose their army or be betrayed and left behind. In the third case, the character is different from the others because they are not a real soldier (often in other ways than just uniform), they might be a prisoner or a new recruit, or a Brainwashed and Crazy minion.

This setup is almost invariably near the beginning of the game, because except in the case of a prisoner being led along in battle, it doesn't make much sense in the middle of the storyline.
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