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Body Pocket
A character pulls something out of a "pocket" that is nothing more than an opening on their body.
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This was launched recently by an enthusiastic contributor without being put through YKTTW. I think there may be something here, but we'll see. Possibly a form of Hammerspace.

A Body Pocket is whenever a character finds something in his pocket (or puts it there), which is really an otherwise unseen opening in his body. Often applies to a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal.

Only a couple of examples so far:

  • PB&J Otter:
    • In "Trading Places", Ernest finds a missing walkie-talkie in his so-called pocket.
    • Pinch turns her pockets inside out in "Forgive Me Not" when she tells Jelly she has no money. Later in that episode, Peanut and Jelly transfer gum from each other's pockets.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Lost Mattress", Squidward puts a wooden spoon into his back pocket for "safe keeping".
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