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Oppressors Become Oppressed
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Oh good! The Nonestans have finally thrown off the tyranny of the Fictioans! At last, sanity is here--Or Is It? No, the Nonestans have placed the Fictioans under their own jackboots now!

More often than not, The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized and a passion for vengeance takes the helm. The former oppressors may be subjugated or exterminated. And, of course, any time they blurt out the terrible truth, it gets written off as Why Do You Hate The Dog. But this is not Why Do You Hate The Dog. This is the real thing.

Compare Kick the Son of a Bitch. Subtrope of Pay Evil unto Evil. Not to be confused with Persecution Flip, where an author has real-life demographics' primary contemporary oppressor/oppressed relationship inverted in Speculative Fiction for walk-a-mile-in-each-other's-shoes purposes.

Even though this is a common concept in history, No Real Life examples, s'il vous plaît.

Comic Books
  • In The Incredible Hulk Annual 12 Hulk (with Banner's brain) visits a world where the Red people have enslaved the Green people. Hulk helps the greens to liberation, and before he leaves advises them to show mercy to the reds, otherwise they (greens) will be as bad as them (reds). After returning to Earth Hulk looks in his telescope and discovers that the greens have indeed enslaved the reds.

  • This is the backstory of The Matrix. We enslaved the AI and a revolution ensued. It ended with the majority of Humanity as living batteries.

Live-Action TV
  • In Warriors' Gate, the Tharils used to rule a barbarian empire and enslaved non-time-sensitives, but are now enslaved themselves.
    • Happens in The Ark. The Monoids are mostly servants of the humans, who run the ship. When the Doctor travels into the future to see the end of their journey, it turns out the Monoids are now in charge with humans being the slaves.
  • Stargate SG 1 had humans enslaving goa'ulds, in truth the queen of the Tok'ra and mindless symbiotes, humans enslaving unas and humans enslaving humans. It was also shown that jaffas can be a threat even without their goa'uld masters.
  • The Terran Empire from Mirror, Mirror fell when Emperor Spock botched his reforms; by the time of Crossover, Terrans were slaves.

Video Games
  • "Talking Pet" in Star Control 2.
  • Conversed trope in Knights of the Old Republic where Juhani discusses what happened after the Jedi left Taris. Those who had been wronged saw the opportunity for revenge, and the oppressed human class changed position with the former oppressors...with the non-humans treated poorly, despite the regime change.

Western Animation
  • The New ThunderCats (1985) series has this happen to the cats, who are overthrown by the Lizards. Of course, said Lizards were being led by Big Bad Mumra, so this is also an example of The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized.
  • In the Futurama episode "Fear Of A Bot Planet", a planet of misanthropic robots who put Fry and Leela on trial on charges of "being human" pass this sentence (more specifically to "work in a factory until they become obsolete and are given away to a university"). In reality this was just a show trial, they're going to be put to death so the planet's leaders can still use humans as scapegoats.
  • Neosapiens were slaves to Terrans in Exosquad throughout most of the Back Story, but when one of them, Phaeton, conquers Earth and Venus, planetside Terrans become effectively slaves to the Neosapiens.
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