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Material written by one writer is credited to another.

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Not all books are actually penned by the name on the cover. Sometimes, the person may have hired another person to write a book for them and then released it under their own name. The level of involvement can vary greatly: Sometimes the entire work may be almost completely unrelated to the person who supposedly wrote it, or they could have provided all the ideas and a general framework. They may even simply leave supplementary releases to the ghostwriter.

Some of the most common forms of ghostwriting come with popular authors whose publishers wants to release books more often. Other times it's used by a political or business figure who may lack the time or writing ability to handle it themselves. Whatever the case, once the work has left the ghostwriter's hands it's no longer theirs, though they may be credited.


Anime and Manga
  • Kazuma Kamachi handles the main A Certain Magical Index light novels series, but the spinoff manga A Certain Scientific Railgun is actually handled by the illustrator, Motoi Fuyukawa. Kamachi sends in the rough ideas and Fuyukawa puts them into a manga format, adding or removing content as needed. Further, the anime has even less involvement than that; Kamachi basically adds a stamp of approval, such as only naming several groups in one filler arc to be consistent with prior naming schemes.
  • Some of the Bleach works credited to Tite Kubo actually have next to no involvement from him. A novel about Kenpachi was actually handled by Narita of Durarara!! and Baccano! fame while at least one movie annoyed him enough that he tried to keep his name from being associated with it.

  • As time went on, Tom Clancy lost the ability to keep up with the demand for his books and eventually more and more "Tom Clancy" books were handled by another writer, who would then be credited on the front with smaller font. Books and games are still being released with his name on them even though he died in October of 2013.
  • The Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys had no real primary author at all. Instead, they each had numerous authors who would write one book and then move on to the next writer.
  • Ronald Reagan's autobiography Ronald Reagan: An American Life was in large part the work of Robert Lindsey.

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