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Blind Alley
No one ever notices people hidden in alleys.
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Premature launch, Up for Grabs

So, you're running down the street or down the hall, with the pursuer(s) hot on your heels. How to get out of this sticky situation?

Why, run into an alley or street to the side, of course!

Rest assured that your pursuer(s) will blindly dash past you - apparently their peripheral vision is conveniently deactivated as they approach your hideout. This will happen even if they should be capable of seeing you entering the hideout.

See also Behind the Black.


  • Averted in Inception. Cobb runs down an alley to try and ditch several agents that are chasing him. They notice him stuck in between the two buildings at the other end of the narrowing alley and he barely escapes them.

Live Action TV
  • Alarm für Cobra 11
  • Happens in an episode of Friends, "The One in Barbados Part 2". Ross and Charlie enter a room down the corridor while their pursuers continue down the hall.

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