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You Shall Not Become Me
A mentor or parent sees their ward following in their footsteps and does not want it to happen.

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This (potential) trope occurs when the parent or mentor of another character realizes that their young charge is following in their footsteps (or may do so) and doesn't want it to happen. This can be because the mentor/parent thinks their life sucks, even if it is an admirable way of life, or because the mentor/parent is mostly evil and doesn't want to drag the kid down with them.

This leads to either a scene wherein the mentor/parent rages against the padawan, telling them that they don't want to become like them, or just evokes a general attitude on the part of the mentor that the ward choose a different path in life.

The best current examples I can think of:

The 2011 version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, where Prideaux kicks out the kid with glasses (with whom he'd been bonding and teaching) at the end of the film, the implication being that he doesn't want the kid to become a spy like him because his life now sucks.

The Godfather - Vito Corleone does not want Michael to get involved with the family business, and instead live a life free of the mafia.
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