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Inhuman Scream
When a character's scream is much worse than any normal person's.
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Gwen Cooper: I'd never heard a sound like it. This primal howl. The scream lasts 20 hours every day.
Torchwood, "Adrift"

A quick way to have a character slip into the Uncanny Valley is to turn their screaming into something unnatural. Maybe it's just far too high or low pitched, maybe it lasts for an impossibly long time, or maybe there are just one too many voices. Either way, it's clear that something is very, very wrong.

If the scream is used as an attack, see Make Me Wanna Shout. May overlap with Brown Note.

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  • The Brides' screams in Van Helsing have odd echoes and a distressing pitch.
  • The Nazgūls' shriek in The Lord of the Rings films, which was a modified recording of screenwriter Fran Walsh.
  • The Matrix: After Neo takes the blue pill and begins to be pulled out of the Matrix, he lets out a scream that quickly becomse digitized before turning into the distinctive squeal of an analogue modem.
  • Monsters from The Thing let out a distinctive, warbling howl when in danger.
  • The eponymous Screamers let out a high-pitched keening sound when on the attack.

  • In Hercule Poirot's Christmas, a horrible Inhuman Scream brings everyone to the scene of the murder. It turns out to have been a novelty balloon deflating, to establish a false time of death.
  • Inverted in The Princess Bride. Westley's death scream from being hooked up to The Machine is described as much worse than that of the dog Count Rogen tested it on earlier, not because The Machine was set over three times higher with Westley, but because it was a human making it.

    Live Action TV 
  • Occurs in the Torchwood episode "Adrift" as illustrated in the page quote. Looking into the time vortex drives one of the characters insane, causing him to scream for hours on end every day.
    • And in Children of Earth when the 456 uses all the children in the world to transmit their signal through their screams.
  • Jool on Farscape had a grating scream that could melt metal.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • Comedic example: It's a Running Gag on The Fairly Oddparents that Timmy's Dad screams like a girl when under stress.
    Timmy's Mom: Timmy, you know you're not supposed to make your father scream like a girl three times in one day!

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