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Cyborg vs Genetic Modification

Competing transhumanist alternatives

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Much like Science Vs Magic and Unequal Rites, the characters in a setting will be violently opposed to two (or more) transhumanist alternatives for human development. On the one hand the cyborgs will propose mechanizing humanity, and on the other end the advocates of Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke will argu for a wetware future. In the middle, humans who don't buy into either will engage in Muggle Power tactics against both.

Rarely, a fourth group that uses both technologies will come forth that perfectly blends both into organic machines.

  • In SiN, the protagonist cyborg fights genetic mutants. Only to discover he could only have become a cyborg in the first place because of anti-rejection gene treatments for his implants.
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  • July 3, 2011
    You see this in the 2001 Fox show Dark Angel a lot. Max Guevera ends up fighting people obsessed with cybernetic augementations called steel heads as well as some enhanced super soldiers using chips to block pain. Episodes "Seeing Red" and "Some Assembly Required" are good examples.
  • July 3, 2011
    In Spiderman The Animated Series there was a bit of conflict between the Kingpin's two lieutenants about this issue. Alistair Smythe was in favor of machines and Herbert Landon was in favor of genetic mutation.