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Perpetuum Mobile

A machine that creates more energy than it consumes.

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A Perpetuum Mobile (Latin for "forever moving") is an old dream of mankind: A machine that creates more energy than it receives from the outside. (A weaker version just keeps moving on and on, without creating new energy you could put in use.)

Obviously, a Sub-Trope of Artistic License - Physics. To be precise, a Perpetuum Mobile contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Of course, this didn't stop some people from believing in a PM - they just insist that obviously, the Second Law has to be wrong.

Subtrope of Applied Phlebotinum. A Mad Scientist may work on this.


  • In the second Jim Button book by Michael Ende, the protagonists invent it. Essentially, their version is based on a magnet which you can switch on and off, which pulls their locomotive.
  • Gaston Lagaffe once invented one. It doesn't do much, it just hops around (and gets on his coworkers' nerves).

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