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Smart Sportsgirl
A girl who is not only skilled at sports but intelligent as well.
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Female athletes are generally portrayed as more competent than the typical male athlete. Possibly as a form of Positive Discrimination she's often portrayed as above average in terms of intelligence.

Her primary interest will be sports. Either school will be an occasionally mentioned second or it might be what she takes up when she matures. She's the Girl Next Door who's easy to talk to or play with since there's no pressure to be anything more than Just Friends.

If there's a contrast she's firmly the Tomboy in Tomboy and Girly Girl because of how independent she is. Unlike the Short Tank she has no interest at all in girlish trappings. Off the field she's more concerned with books than looks.

This girl has a mind as active as her body and isn’t afraid to speak it so think twice before you embarrass her or make sexual advances on her. She will try to protect little ones especially her children.

Unlike all examples of Genius Bruiser the Smart Sportsgirl isn't The Big Guy but just the Girl Next Door and unlike the Badass Bookworm she has a sporty look to her, not a smart one. Another trope of combining Brains and Brawn. Contrast Dumb Jock.


  • Jess of Bridge to Terabithia thinks highly of Leslie Burke because she beat all the fifth grade boys in their race and she can impress teachers with her imaginative essays and ability to appear focused in class.
  • Basketball star Mary Camden from 7th Heaven will occasionally tutor other characters.
  • Samantha “Sam” Kepler from Wishbone participates in every sport her male friends do and is picked for her class team captain spelling bee because she's always reading.
  • The Dear America book With The Might of Angels has Dawnie who has the highest grades in the elementary division of her school but more than anything she wants to be part of the All-American Girls Baseball League.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder from LittleHouseOnThePrairie will get dirty and play baseball as a child but at sixteen she becomes more elegant and gets her first teaching job.
  • Kristin Amanda “Kristy” Thomas from The Babysitters Club has the management skills to create the club and be it's president. Her sport is softball and she even starts a kids' team.
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