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Kleptomaniac Hero Found Underwear

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One of the key elements of the Kleptomaniac Hero is that he will search though peoples drawers. I have seen a few lampshadings of what you are doing by having you locate underwear or such.

  • In Golden Sun the player can search the room of Lord McCoy's wife to find silk negligee (odd, considering she doesn't even sleep in the same room as her husband and he is working on building her her own house)
  • In Shining Force II, Bowie can search the princesses closet and find "A small piece of silk" that results in the text "Bowie is flustered"
  • In Megaman Starforce II the Hertz in the computer in Luna's drawers will mention protecting a lady's secrets and tell you to get out. In 3 examining Luna's drawers "It's a young girl's secret... wh-what's this...!? ... I can't look at this! Argh...!" while Mega notes "so stop staring at it!". You can also check Zack's drawers "It's a young boy's secret!!".
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