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Sex and Violence Montage
A sex scene is intercut with a violent scene
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Sex and violence are both aspects that people find particulary thrilling in fiction. This may be because they speak to a primal instinct in humans. Montages can also be very effective in creating excitment for the viewer. Therefore, what better than to have a montage where a violent act is intercut with a violent act?

This can be used as a contrast between love and hate, especially if the sex scene is a romantic one. It can be used to add to the devastation of the violence if the sex is also a betrayal. It can also simply be used to be cool and thrilling. This can lead to Unfortunate Implications by associating sex with violence.



  • In the Canadian film Bon Cop, Bad Cop, a policeman is attacked in his home while his partner has sex with the aforementioned policeman's sister.
  • In Munich, Avner has flashbacks of the 1972 Black September killings of the Israeli Olympic athletes, while having sex with his wife. These flashbacks are interspersed with the intense lovemaking.

Live Action TV

  • On General Hospital, a mobster's right hand man is involved in a shootout while his boss has sex with the right hand man's girlfriend.
  • In "Kobol's Last Gleaming," the Season One finale of Battlestar Galactica, the show opens with a mostly wordless montage of various characters, prominently including Starbuck and Baltar having sex, intercut with Bill and Lee Adama sparring.
  • CSI:Crime Scene Investigation had an episode open with intercutting scenes of someone being brutally murdered and Catherine having sex with Vartann.


  • There is such a scene in volume 8 of Dreamland. While Terrence and Lydia have their first experience in the real world, Jimmy is fighting Attila's underlings in the Cat Kingdom in Dreamland. The scene is wordless and constantly alternates between the two actions.
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