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The astrological equivalent to the Con-Lang
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Sometimes Western and Eastern zodiacs and the Druidic Tree Birth Signs just don't cut it. Inventing new zodiac and horoscope systems is a nice way to add depth to a world different from ours, and a completely new birth sign/horoscope system can be used to give a basis for foreign myths and superstitions.


  • Thir13en Ghosts has the Black Zodiac corresponding to the thirteen ghosts needed to activate Basileus's Machine and open the Ocularis Infernum.

  • In Discworld the Disc has its own version of the zodiac. It involves such signs as The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars and Khefin's Eye 1-4.

     Tabletop Games 
  • Eberron has the Dragonmarked Houses, With 12 Dragonmarked for each Houses. (Phiarlan and Thuranni both use the same Dragonmarked, The Mark of Shadow) and the 12 Moon.

     Video Games 
  • The Elder Scrolls has the thirteen birthsigns that the player can choose during character creation for certain bonuses.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has the Twelve. a pantheon of twelve gods that correspond to an element, a month and a certain type of era. Players can pick one of them for an elemental bonus but this is more for flavor purposes.
  • Pokémon Black and White has introduced a fictional zodiac loosely based on the Western one. The mons Incorporated into his are (in order of month) Sawsbuck, Simipour, Alomomola, Whimsicott, Boffulant, Klink, Crustle, Braviary, Gothorita, Scollipede and Fraxure.

     Western Animation 
  • Kim Possible has "Animology", an color/animal type personality quiz that gets treated like horoscopes (in that some people consider it BS and other don't). There is also an emphasis on "Soul-Mates" (with certain combinations considered to be particularly compatible with others).
  • The Winx Club official site has a fictional zodiac using mythical creatures such as Pegasus, Gryphon, Dragon and Triton.

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