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Challenge: eat a stupidly large or spicy amount of food. Failure is the only option.
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A character attempts a gastronomic challenge of some sort on a dare, only to, nine times out of ten, fail miserably and hilariously. They may involve copious amounts of Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce, starches, and often seem to be undertaken while intoxicated. One variation that's grown more popular in recent years is the cinnamon challenge, wherein the challenger must swallow a spoonful of cinnamon within a given time limit, and without the assistance of water.

More often than not, the impossibility of these challenges has basis in medical fact. Cinnamon, as mentioned before, can dry out the mouth and even wind up inside lungs. Some hot sauces can irritate skin and mucous membranes, and poorly-formulated hot sauces can sometimes contain capsaicin, the substance that lends many peppers their characteristic spice, which is deadly in large enough amounts.

Obviously Truth in Television; you might know of someone who has attempted such an endeavor, or at least watched people do the cinnamon challenge on YouTube.

Instead of trying one of these challenges yourself, why don't you watch the people in these examples instead?

  • Mythbusters attempted the cinnamon challenge with their Build Team- Kari and Grant failed in the standard spectacular fashion, but Tory managed to pull it off by holding the cinnamon against his cheek until he could swallow manageably. It took more than a minute to do, however.
  • Cool Hand Luke made a bet that he could eat 50 eggs, and then won the challenge within the hour.
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