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Edible Smelling Salts
Food, typically through smell, wakes a character up
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In fiction for some characters at least, food is as good as if not better than smelling salts at waking someone up. For some characters it may require that the food is a favorite food. The typical cycle of this trope is a character that is faint, asleep, unconscious, perhaps even a coma smells food. The character wakes up, and then devours it. In some cases another character is deliberately trying to use the smell of the food to rouse the intended target.

Also see: Follow Your Nose.


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     Anime / Manga 
  • An indirect version happens in Dragon Ball, during the first Tournament Arc when Master Roshi hypnotizes Goku to sleep as a desperation move. Though Roshi claims that no stimulus will wake Goku before he gives the proper sign, Bulma realizes that one thing might get through to Big Eater Goku, and announces dinnertime, whereupon he instantly wakes up.
  • Played with in K-On! - the girls try to rouse Yui by claiming they brought her cake, but she falls asleep again when she notices that no actual cake is there.

  • Done to Wallace with cheese in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit when he appears to be dead after shapeshifting back from his were-rabbit form.

     Live Action TV 
  • Doctor Who: In "The Caves of Adrozani", the Fifth Doctor is able to briefly revive Peri by snapping his stick of celery under her nose. He claims that celery is a powerful restorative where he comes from (presumably meaning Gallifrey) but that the human olfactory system is comparatively weak.

    Newspaper Comics 

    Western Animation 

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