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Low Angle Foot Camera
An extreme low camera angle that only shows characters feet.
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NOTE: Foot Focus is NOT a trope and will not be one for much longer. We are dividing it into actual tropes.

An extremely low angle camera shot focused on character's feet, and lower legs this shot tends to cut off around knee height.

Generally the camera is pointed up at character's faces. We want to be able to see their feelings and reactions. This is when the camera is instead lowered almost all the way to the ground to focus on their feet and legs entirely cutting out their heads, and in fact, their entire torsos.

A useful shot as it lets directors show action without showing faces, this shot tends to be frequently to leave a little mystery to the viewer as you're seeing shoes instead of faces. It's also used in order to give the audience a different perspective on the scene, sometimes that of a pet or small child. Or simply to help stretch a limited selection of extras.


Live Action TV
  • The end credits of The Bill showed a pair of police officers (one male, one female) walking away, shot from this angle. This contrasts the opening which has the same feet walking towards the screen.
  • Firefly used this several times with River focusing on her bare feet as she crept around the ship.
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