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Stop It, I'm Trying To X

A character is doing something and therefore doesn't want to be disturbed.

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A character is in their workshop, building a rocking chair. One of their friends knocks on the door and keeps trying to get them outside. The character will eventually (or right away) say something along the lines of "Stop it, I'm trying to work!"

This can be used in a few different ways. Maybe, as was just given as an example, the character is doing something mundane that they want to get done (possibly because it is a Chekhov's Gun). They could also be trying to figure something out, but others keep talking. Maybe the villain has offered them some sort of Deal with the Devil, requiring something very precious in exchange for something else precious (maybe an impossible sum of money for a loved one) and they're trying to decide what to do.

No matter the situation, if it follows these generic lines, the scene will probably have the character say "Stop it, I'm trying to work/think/decide/play/eat/do whatever it is I'm doing".

Can be Played for Laughs if the character is trying to do something that is actually very important, like sleep (extra points if it's a horrible time, like three in the morning) or fight the main villain, and someone needs them for something completely irrelevant and unimportant (like asking if people grow from spores). And no matter what, the annoying asker just won't give up.

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