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Wind From Beneath My Wings

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A subtrope of Blow You Away, in which the character generates powerful wind currents by strongly flapping his or her wings like large fans in the desired direction. This form of wind manipulation is usually limited to powerful, directional gales, although generating other standard wind techniques (torandoes, Razor Wind, etc.) with this method isn't unheard of. Characters who fly using propellers can perform similar maneuvers by pointing their rotors at their targets and spinning them very quickly.

This is a mild case of failng physics; while it's true that flapping one's wings should create a noticeable gust (which is typically a central element of winged flight), that character usually should not be able to remain stationary, especially if already airborne. Unless the character is especially massive or firmly held in place, conservation of momentum says that the character should be pushed in the opposite drection to cancel out the air's newfound velocity (which is, again, typically a central element of winged flight). Given many writers' stances on physical laws of conservation, though, the fact that the characters don't fly backwards with each flap isn't very surprising.

This is a staple technique of the Giant Flyer and Winged Humanoid. Even characters with otherwise Stationary Wings will flap them to generate wind this way. If power gave the character wings, large, heavenly gales can be used to demonstrate just how powerful the character is.


  • Several Giant Flyer Kaiju from the Godzilla franchise could do this. Examples include Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

Tabletop Games
  • A standard ability of various dragons in Dungeons & Dragons, as well as the various CRPGs derived from the ruleset.

Video Games
  • In the Pokémon anime, some Flying-type moves such as Gust and Whirlwind are shown to work this way when used by winged Mons. As most winged mons can learn the Fire-type move Heat Wave (a blast of hot air), it can be presumed that it operates similarly.
  • Some large bosses in The Legend of Zelda series have been known to do this, notably Wind Waker's Helmaroc King and Twilight Princess' Argorok.
  • One of the two versions of Mega Man Battle Network 6 had the final boss Falzar, who would use this technique in conjunction with Rain Of Feathers for a difficult-to-avoid attack.
    • Battle Network 5's Gyro Soul used something similar to the propeller version of this trope: Using a Wind-based chip in Gyro Soul would make the propeller on Mega Man's back spin twice as fast, which would power-up the next Wind chip used.

Western Animation
  • The (unnamed) Roc in the Popeye cartoon, Sinbad the Sailor could do this.


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    Whenever I hear the term "Wind Beneath My Wings" (whether referencing the song or not), I always immediately think of the armpit-fart technique many of us learned in elementary school.
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    • Mothra could do it, too.
    • The (unnamed) Roc in the Popeye cartoon, Sinbad the Sailor could do this.
  • February 26, 2010
    • A standard ability of various dragons in Dungeons And Dragons, as well as the various CRPGs derived from the ruleset.