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Dom Boots

Thigh-high boots worn by an aggressively domineering woman.

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Per this discussion. We're trying to get an actual trope out of Thigh-High Boots

A female character who is aggressive and domineering, especially when it comes to things sex-related, and wears thigh-high boots. Thigh-high boots are fairly common footwear for dominatrices. So if a character is, looks like, and/or has a personality typical of a dominatrix, sadistic or authoritarian, then there's a good chance she'll have on thigh-high boots. Usually ones with stiletto heels, typically for digging into things or people. The rest of her outfit will usually make her look unambiguously like dominatrix, or it might be a military uniform to give her commanding personality an air of legitimacy.

A character wearing these boots will usually be a baroness, at best an Anti Heroine.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Esdee from Akame ga Kiru! is an extremely powerful and sadistic general of the The Empire who enjoys torturing her enemies. She wears thigh-high boots as part of her military uniform.
  • Garnet McLane from Dragonaut: The Resonance wears stiletto heeled thigh-high boots as part of her military uniform. She's cold, ruthless, and sadistic towards anyone that is not her master Asim. In her first appearance of the series she grinds the heel of her boot on the back of a guy's head.
  • Petra Fina from Flint the Time Detective is a major antagonist of series with the personality of a diva.She wears a red leathery mini-dress with red thigh-high boots. Like the heroes she goes back in different eras of time looking for time looking for time shifters. Her method of capturing them is to use her petra-stamp on them so she can control them and then use her whip on them to bring out their Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Professor Myers from Magi – Labyrinth of Magic wears a long pair of metal thigh-high boots. Despite being a being a teacher she dress like a dominatrix and frequently punishes students, usually with her thunder whip.
  • Habari Ginza from Speed Grapher is an amoral and vicious policewoman who is extremely possessive of the main character. Her outfit is a bodysuit with a pair of thigh-high boots.

    Comic Books 
  • Ingrid Weiss from Tom Strong is a vile superhuman Nazi who's leader of a gang called the "Aryan Angels", and rapes the title character. She wears thigh-high boots as part of her dominatrix outfit.

    Films — Animation 
  • Superwoman from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths wears black thigh-high boots with gold trim as part of her costume. She's part of a group of super villains that have all but taken over their Earth, and she later conspires with Owlman to destroy The Multiverse for kicks. During her fight with Batman she offers him a chance to be her pet and playfully breaks one of his ribs when he refuses.

    Film — Live Action 

  • Uranus from Bloody Roar is a sadist who loves fighting and destroying things. Thigh-high boots are part of her body armor.
  • I-no from Guilty Gear is a manipulative and sadistic woman who wears thigh high boots as part of an outfit that can best be describe as dominatrix meets witch.
  • Ishtaros from Ninja Gaiden is a powerful dominatrix-esque demon whip a for arm. Other than a pair of black thigh-high boots she's practically naked.
  • Elexis Sinclaire from the original SiN wore a red leotard and thigh-high boots. She's the Big Bad of the series who's intent on reinventing mankind in her own image using mutated humans.
  • D. Violet from Skullgirls is a dominatrix themed superhero who wear thigh-high boots as part of her outfit and uses a Pazuzu whip as a weapon.
  • Ivy from the Soul Series has had thigh-high boots as part of her default outfits for all of the installments of the series. She has a very commanding personality, uses a Whip Sword as a weapon and some of her moves involve stepping on her opponents.

    Western Animation 
  • Ćon from Ćon Flux is a ruthless, cold-hearted secret agent who wears thigh-thigh boots as part of her Spy Catsuit, which isn't much.
  • Hair-razor from The Fairly OddParents! wants to rule Chincinnati and cause as much chaos as possible because she loves being evil. She's actually a superheroine named Golden-locks turn evil thanks to Timmy's irresponsible wishing. She goes through Evil Costume Switch which changes her knee-high boots into thigh-high boots.
  • Sedusa from The Powerpuff Girls wears thigh-high boots as put of her outfit. She manipulates men to do her bidding for her with her beauty and feminine wiles and has Prehensile Hair which she uses as whips.
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