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Athletic Arena Level
Sports-themed video game stage
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The hero steps up to bat. The boss throws the pitch. The hero kicks, TOUCHDOWN! Wait, what's this? The referee is calling on the hero for goal-tending. The hat trick was no good.

Athletic Arena Land is a sports-themed video game stage.

This isn't simply the arena that you play sports games in. Some games, especially action, adventure, and platforming games, design entire levels around the theme of sports. Expect to see linebackers barreling towards you, pitchers hurling baseballs at you, mooks lobbing tennis balls at you with a mean back-hand, hockey players picking a fight. Everything it takes to keep you from reaching the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLL!!

Sometimes a gym or locker room, or even a coliseum might be the setting instead.

In short, expect to see Gretzky Has the Ball as the visual setting.

Examples Include:

  • Strike Man's stage (pictured above) in Mega Man 10 starts off innocent enough. You're running your way through a giant baseball stadium in the background, and the first enemies you come across are robot ball storage containers, lobbing bouncing baseballs and footballs at you. Soon enough there are enemies throwing curve balls at you from atop basketball nets, giant robot goalies trying to crush you, and spike-covered rocket-propelled soccerballs that you need to activate and run underneath just to advance your way to Strike Man at the end. Strike Man himself is a personified walking baseball who not only uses himself as a weapon, but throws bouncing dodgeballs at you as well.
  • Ninja Baseball Bat Man is an arcade Beat 'em Up where nearly every level is baseball-themed. Some enemies are actually baseball bats wielding baseball bats.
  • The Disney's TaleSpin game for Nes have a level set in a baseball stadium.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! on Snes, Stage 4 is the final part of a football game.
  • The final boss fight of Duke Nukem 3D/first level of Duke Nukem Forever takes place in a football stadium. If you succeed in killing the monster there, Duke even gets to rip it's eyeball out and kick a field goal with it.
  • No More Heroes has Destroy Stadium, a setting visited twice in the game. What happens there includes killing bad guys by deflecting a pitch, battles in the vast outfield, and Playing Tennis with the Boss via a man-launching batting cage.
  • In the Aaahh!!!Real Monsters platformer for the Sega Genesis, the second level is a school Gymnasium. Obstacles include basketball hoops, arena stands, and basketballs bouncing everywhere.
  • The Super Smash Bros. series has a few stages based on race tracks (Mute City and Big Blue in Melee, Port Town Aero Dive and Mario Circuit in Brawl) that all have cars racing around the track while you fight. There's also the Pokémon Stadium stages which are based on the arenas used in Pokemon battling (a fictional sport).
  • Mischief Makers had a sports or rather Olympic themed stage where you had to win a certain amount of competitions to advance. 100, 200, and 400 meter dashes, hurdles, long jump, some weird ball catching game, and math problems were among the tasks.
  • Sports Gym and Space Ball Stadium in The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper.
  • Sports Bear's route in the Glider PRO CD house "Teddy World."
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