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Devoted Unofficial Bodyguard
He'll stand in your way if you try to hurt the one he decided to protect - no matter what.
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"Stay behind me"

The Devoted Unofficial Bodyguard will not let someone he vowed to protect die. Heck, most of the time he wouldn't let a bystander get hurt if he can be the one Taking the Bullet. Prone to make a Heroic Sacrifice, this kind of character will not hesitate to put his life on the line to do what he has to. To have their place here, they don't even need to be Badass, but they'll probably become one along the way.

He is however different from The Messiah, as he isn't here to defend everyone, but only a few selected characters, such as children or his Nakama. He will not usually get out of his way to protect someone he doesn't know, nor will he go fight the local Evil Overlord. Except if he was dumb enough to harm anyone under his protection. He's not the Sacrificial Lamb either, as he will not usually go down peacefully.

Will sometimes overlap with Papa Wolf, as they can see their protegee as their child.

Most of these characters die, so beware of spoilers.


Anime & Manga
  • Kenpachi to Yachiru in Bleach. When she was still a toddler, she came to him without fear, and stayed with him, so he took care of her. She doesn't really needs his help anymore, but he did keep her alive in the worst, most dangerous place in Soul Society. And for this guy, it's already a lot.
  • Kazuki from Busou Renkin saw a monster lurking behind a girl. What does he do ? Throw the girl he never saw before away and get himself impaled, of course ! He became much more Badass after the incident, but he does that AGAIN to save Earth as a whole.
  • Luffy from One Piece is this to his Nakama and other people he befriended - And his crew took his example. Declaring war upon The World to save a friend ? Check. Avenging another one in a way that would probably result in fighting one of the strongest men in the world ? Check. And many more...
    • Bon Kurei became this to Luffy himself. If putting not one but two Heroic Sacrifice for him isn't enough, then the grief and the Big Damn Hero moment following the one time he ran away definitely earns him a place here.

  • The Iron Giant wanted to become Superman. If taking a nuke to the face to save a town doesn't make you Superman, nothing will.

Video Games
  • Mario. He's not technically the Princess' bodyguard, nor her boyfriend. He isn't even some kind of legendary hero (well, most of the time...). And yet he'll go save her. Every. Single. Time.

Western Animation
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