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Bitch Slap

A slap to the face meant to humiliate or assert one's dominance over one's opponent.

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That one slap.

When somebody wants to humiliate or show someone else who's the boss, they give them a bitch slap. Someone being cheeky? Slap! A Snarker failed to get a jab passed the radar? Slap! Someone is pissed and wants total ownage of their enemy! Slap! A villain is gloating and sending him a message with a fist is too unsophisticated, SLAP!!! As one can tell, this is the one slap that people do NOT want to be on the receiving end of, because it hurts their ego/feelings far more than anything. Most of the time it's done with the palm of ones hand, but it can also be done with the back of ones hand (which is called a pimp slap).

This is often a favorite move done by villains and cocky fighters to disgrace others. It gets less awesome and more creepy if the villain does it to a bound victim, especially if their is some sexual undertones. On the flipside, The Hero will most likely deliver one if they are royally pissed and want to bring the villain or resident Jerkass down a notch. Trolls and other pranksters will just do it for shits 'n giggles.

Expect a lot of hype when someone are successfully pulled off at the right moment. Even more so if a weaker person managed to bitch slap someone who is above them in terms of power as they just slapped Cthulhu in the face. Regardless if they live to tell the tale or not. But on the other hand. it can be an utterly disrespectful move when it's done to the undeserving as it's a degrading action.

Compare Armor-Piercing Slap when someone who is far weaker managed to turn the head of a superhuman. Compare/Contrast to Dope Slap when the victim is being a moron, ditz or just plain silly and gets a slap to the back of the head to reel them in.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • After Frieza kills Krillin and angers Goku enough to turn Super Saiyan. Part of the Humiliation Conga package is getting a rapid fire bitch/pimp slap combo. Since Goku wants to break Frieza mentally and manages to do so to the point where he is far less sane after he was revived by the dragon balls. It's safe to say it got the job done.
    • Goku himself is on the receiving end of one after he gets bound to a mountain by Majin Vegeta, since Vegeta wanted to make Goku understand the humiliation he feels from being in his shadow.
  • Berserk. Doubles as a Armor-Piercing Slap as well. But after Rickert realises that Guts was right about all the shit Griffith pulled, he angrily slaps him over the atrocities he committed for the sake of his ambitions. Regardless of how graceful he may be, that is still something that will leave a mark on his ego.


    Live-Action Films 
  • Power Rangers (2017). During his first day in detention, Jason stops the resident bully from further picking on Billy by slapping him silly in front of the whole class. Later on, he has the Megazord backhand Rita Repulsa into space after Goldar's destruction.

     Live-Action TV 

  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Nate and Nick Diaz are infamous for the "Stockton Slap". Expect fighters on the receiving end to either flip their shit or reveal how beaten they truly are if they don't immediately try and retaliate.

     Video Games 
  • Mortal Kombat X:
    • One of Cassie Cage's brutalities is a slap done as a mocking salute that spins her opponents head 180°.
    • Shinnok's first attack in his X-ray move is a backhand that dislocates his opponent's jaw.
  • In Deadpool, the titular character bitch slaps an unconscious Wolverine after he crashed the Blackbird. At first, he did it to wake him up, but after he realised that he was gonna wake up for a while, the player then has the choice to either slap him for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time or just get back to playing the game immediately.
  • In League of Legends, Rakan mainly attacks his enemies with his wing but if he gets within melee range, he will slap his target instead.

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    • In The Little Foxes, Oscar overhears his wife Birdie warning Alexandra about the Arranged Marriage planned between her and Oscar's son (and Alexandra's cousin) Leo. As Alexandra heads off to bed and Birdie, about to leave with Oscar, passes him near the doorway, he cruelly slaps her across the face. Alexandra tries to approach Birdie to see what happened to her, but she dismisses her and tells her that she only twisted her ankle.
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    Animated Films
    • In Aladdin, Jafar slaps Al just before he exiles him to the "ends of the earth".

    Western Animation
    • Looney Tunes
      • In the cartoons featuring the mice Hubie and Bertie, Hubie would repeatedly slap Bertie's face back and forth whenever he did something stupid. Often, Bertie's face would continue to go back and forth even after Hubie stopped.
      • A Running Gag on "Wackiki Wabbit" is the tall castaway slapping the short one across the face with the back of the hand. The camera would always zoom in on the tall one's face to keep the slap off screen.
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    • Elsword: In Eve's opening story, she was awakened from her long slumber and found herself being found by Elsword and company. He reaches his hand to her, wanting them to be friends. She bitch-slaps him instead, which shocks his teammates. (She does join, though.)
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    The Wackiki Rabbit example probably counts more as a Dope Slap.

    • In the Family Guy episode "Tiegs For Two", Brian and Quagmire get into a furious brawl after their Arch Rivalry reaches boiling point. While both are slugging each other, Quagmire gets in one of these to demonstrate his exceptional hatred of Brian.
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    Comic Books:
    • There's a picture of Batman slapping his protg Robin in mid-conversation. Taken from a comic book published in 1965, the single-panel illustration has inspired a series of parodies featuring custom-captioned speech bubbles on 4chan, Reddit and elsewhere since 2008, explained with details by Know Your Meme here.
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    Stephanie Mc Mahon is very fond of dishing these out. After delivering a nasty one to The Rock, she gloated her ability to always get away with this cheap shot because most of the male roster Wouldnt Hit A Girl, let alone the wife of the WWE chairman. The Rock agrees, before bringing in Ronda Rousey, who promptly kicks her ass when she tries the same move on her.
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    Animated Films
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    In The Unholy Alliance, Wai Lui does this to one of his men when he finds out that he's behind the op to steal drugs from the coffers of Ling Hung, the most powerful woman in her Triad group in Hong Kong. He also left him at the mercy of his men.