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Boxing as a combat style.
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In general parlance, boxing is a combat sport where two fighters square off in fisticuffs. However, once in a while writers remember that boxing is considered a martial art and it is used as a fighter's style of choice outside the ring. In these cases, boxing techniques and skills will be presented as as valid as any other martial art, Red Boxing Gloves optional, depending on the seriousness of the work.

Generally an Extremity Extremist, since traditionally boxing has no kicks. Expect Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs if the fighter is sufficiently strong. Compare Good Old Fisticuffs, which is about untrained fighters are equal to trained martial artists (and they'll generally use some boxing moves, as it's the most "accessible" martial art for them to witness).

A subtrope of Bare-Fisted Monk. Technically a subtrope of I Know Madden Kombat assuming the character was trained in boxing for sport.


    Anime and Manga 
  • Chibodee Crocket from G Gundam uses a mishmash of "American" techniques and weapons, but his primary fighting style is boxing based. In fact, his Gundam can eject its football shoulder pads and attach them to its fists to boost its punching power.
  • Ikki Takeda "The Puncher" in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is a boxer who frequently matches up with martial artists. Although he twice lost matches against Kenichi, the first match he was only using one hand and the second match was stopped by his trainer. He later does much of his training in the underground fighting rings, where he goes against people of all sorts of fighting styles and wins with his fists.
  • Interesting Manga-example from Black God is Kuro. Kuro, a Mototsumitama, is often frowned upon for using boxing, a human fighting style, when she fights. Which is funny because she usually wins.
  • Minai from Corpse Princess. In the DVD exlusive prequel episode, when Minai is asked if she has any fighting skills after becoming a Shikabane Hime, she says she knows some boxing, which becomes her fighting style against Shikabane.
  • Alex Louis Armstrong, also known as "the Strongarm Alchemist" from Fullmetal Alchemist uses a form of fisticuffs passed down his family (FOR GENERATIONS!) with a side order of alchemy.
  • One Piece:
    • Franky is a cyborg whose enhancements run on cola. However, he will resort to boxing techniques (called "Franky Boxing!") when he's out of cola, thus without his strongest weapons.
    • Foxy generally fights with boxing style, with spiked boxing gloves. Although he's known to use dirty tactics whenever he's got a chance.
  • Ryoko, protagonist of Okami-San uses boxing techniques, and even has a pair of electrified boxing gloves
  • Star Upper, a Toyless Toyline Character from Beast Wars II turns into a kangaroo and is skilled at boxing in both modes, being an intergalactic champion.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Murota is a bit character who gains precognative abilities at one point. He uses the powers to become a successful boxer, but also cleans the floor with some of Yusuke's allies using boxing moves.

  • Wildcat from The DCU uses no weapons and was a Badass Normal until a Retcon slowed his aging. He's just a champion boxer who fights crime in a cat mask.
  • The Champion of the Universe, a cosmic-level entity in the Marvel Universe knows many fighting styles and has access to the Power Eternal. Despite this, he used the power primarily to hone his body to physical perfection (as opposed to other wielders of the power who use energy blasts or more creative uses), and chooses to go from planet to planet, challenging the best of the planet to boxing matches with the fate of the planet on the line should he win.

    Films (Live Action) 
  • Twister from Ip Man 2 is the British boxing champion. He manages to beat an extremely skilled martial artist to death in a match, despite the fact that Twister was wearing gloves and the martial artist was allowed to use kicks and throws, while Twister only used punches. He even nearly defeated the titular Ip Man, who bordered on Invincible Hero.
  • Fearless: Jet Li's character faces off against representatives of three separate fighting styles; among them is a British boxer, though he gets easily defeated by Jet Li's kung fu.
  • In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, the villain Professor Moriarty is briefly described as a former boxing champion, during the climactic fight scene against Holmes' hybrid-bartitsu-esque style.

  • The protagonists of Louis L'Amour are often trained in boxing (a suspicious number by the frequently name-dropped real-world boxer Jem Mace), and tend to find themselves up against fighters who use less scientific methods, or had been used to simply relying on size and strength to beat weaker opponents. L'Amour himself was a professional boxer when he was younger.

    Live Action Television 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Marvelous Marc Mero (formerly known as "Johnny B. Badd") used a boxing gimmick as a professional wrestler in the WWF. He came to the ring in boxing trunks rather than Underwear of Power and used boxing moves (albeit bareknuckle) when he could.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Villains And Vigilantes adventure There's a Crisis at Crusader Citadel. The Shrew (Sheila Brewster) was a member of the Crushers supervillain team. She was a former boxer who used her boxing skills in combat against superheroes.

    Video Games 

    Web Original 
  • Yang, the Bare-Fisted Monk in RWBY has a fighting style that's a mishmash of many styles under Rule of Cool, but boxing techniques and stances are among her most visible influences. Based on her blocking and footwork (specifically how she slides to dodge attacks), she fights like a boxer, with some martial arts training to integrate her legs.

    Western Animation 
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