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No Zombie Cannibals
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So you're a zombie. You have your daily routine; shamble, moan, be always on the lookout for human flesh. And when that flesh appears, you and every other zombie in a hundred-mile radius will converge on it in one enormous mass of undeath.

But surely you're not satisfied with that, are you? There's not even close to enough to go around. One human divided among one hundred zombies is less than a meal.

And yet... isn't there still human flesh all around you? After all, the zombies are "human", just a slightly hungrier type of human, and most of the capacity for reason is gone. You still have to eat. Meat is meat. So what's to stop this horde from feeding on itself?

Ultimately, there is no reason; it just plain doesn't happen, and is left at that. We can only say for sure that there are No Zombie Cannibals. When you have zombies that are still technically alive, there's no perfectly sensical explanation.

Now might be a good time to point out that there actually are cannibal zombies in zombie lore; they're called "ghouls".
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