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Exceptional Region
A specific region of a country is significantly different from the rest of the country.
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Countries are often composed of many diverse and autonomous regions. Most of the time, these regions are equal in size, population and most everything else. Sometimes, however, one region stands out from the rest. There are many reasons for this:

  • The region is significantly larger than all of the others, often making up a significant portion of the country's area.

  • The region was formerly its own country, and some regional 'national' pride still exists.

  • The region is culturally very different from all of the others, often speaking a different language or having a different religion.

  • The region is home to a harsher environment, causing the native population to adapt accordingly.

In addition, residents of this area often identify themselves as natives of the region before citizens of the country said region is in. In military settings, units from this region are often considered 'elite', being divided into their own units and being stronger than their other countrymen.

No Real Life Examples,Please.


  • In Eric Flint's 1632, Finnish and Croatian soldiers (Now independent, but then part of Sweden and Austria, respectively) are feared throughout Germany for their ruthless tactics. Their commanders use them for missions regular troops could not accomplish.
  • In ASOIAF, the North definitely falls under this trope due to its size, religious differences and military might. Dorne, as the last kingdom to fall to Valyrian rule, could also be considered as one of these.

Video Games
  • The Unova region in Pokémon, while not actually a part of any country, varies significantly from the other four regions, being the only one not based on a Japanese region and having completely different Pokémon.

  • In Scandinavia and the World, Svalbard and Ĺland could both fall under this trope (while they are actually characters, they are both just personifications of their respective real-life regions

  • n the original Battlestar Galactica, among the survivors in the Rag-Tag Fleet were a group of "Borellian Nomen," a human ethnic group or possibly a subspecies distinguished by ridged foreheads not unlike Star Trek's Klingons.
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