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Crowning Moment of Trolling
Where characters are subjected to trolling of epic proportions.
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It's a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the Troll, often a Crowning Moment of Funny for the audience and may trigger a Rage Breaking Point for the victim. That's right: It's a Crowning Moment of Trolling. This is where a character or group of characters has gone to such extensive lengths to mess with someone that it pays off in a BIG way, sometimes resulting in a Mind Screw. The antagonists are usually the most likely to have these moments, as Just Toying with Them is a classic villain pastime. However, the heroes pull this off sometimes as well, on each other or even on the Big Bad. Insane Troll Logic can sometimes result in this trope, but not always.


Anime And Manga:

In Bleach, we have Mayuri Kurotsuchi who likes to take this Up to Eleven at times, and just be flat out sociopathic the rest of the time.

Kakashi of Naruto achieves this by fending off the three main characters all at once while casually reading a book, which is both Bad Ass and a Crowning Moment of Funny, especially when you learn what kinds of books he likes to read.

In One Piece,Monkey D. Luffy has a pretty great one when he turns himself into "Water Luffy" while fighting Crocodile. It's an effective tactic, but it makes him look ridiculous, so Crocodile takes this as a heavy mockery against him and becomes absolutely outraged. Luffy actually pretty well has an infinite number of these. In fact, it's something of a running gag that he inadvertently pushes the Berserk Buttons of friend and foe alike and typically Hilarity Ensues.

Western Animation: My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic has Discord, who pretty much embodies this trope. Also, Fluttershy arguably has one when she proves completely immune to Discord's trolling, which infuriates him and causes him to resort to pure magic rather than his usual mind games.

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