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Only Six Voices

What happens when the characters are voiced by the same few voice actors.

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This is the result of what happens when characters are voiced by only a handful of voice actors. Often you might hear characters that sound the same.

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The Simpsons is probably one of the most famous shows to be voiced by a handful of voice actors for a majority of the main characters, though they are so good that this trope is subverted and all of the characters sound pretty distinct. Most of the adult male characters voiced by Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria. It's amazing that they all sound different.

Played straight with South Park as Matt Stone and Trey Parker voice most of the characters. It's funny when a one shot character sound just like Mr. Garrison made funnier in other Parker/Stone productions when the same voice pops up again. Also played straight is Only Six Faces.

Homestar Runner also plays with this trope as the brothers Chap voice most of the characters though somewhat Justified as there is only a handful of main characters.
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    • the asterisk is a very useful thing to add to examples. It lets people know where the description stops and the examples start.
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    • Ur Example: with few exceptions, all the main Looney Tunes characters are voiced by Mel Blanc.
    • Animalympics had only four voice actors. Gilda Radner did all the female characters, a young Billy Crystal did his Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali inpersonations for Rugs Turkel and Joey Gongolong, and you can hear early versions of Harry Shearer's Simpsons characters in the cast (particularly Kent Brockman as Keane Hacksaw).
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    In Sweden, there are very many characters to dub and very few voice actors who do it. The same people do pretty much all the voices. Gunnar Ernblad is one of the most reoccuring ones. He did Kingpin in Spiderman The Animated Series and Koopa in The Super Mario Bros Super Show, among others. Another one is Johan Hedenberg, who does a voice in almost every single cartoon that's not a pure comedy and some that are, like X Men Evolution, X Men The Animated Series, and Quack Pack (where he did almost every single one-episode character). And then there's Pernilla Wahlgren, who does a buttload of voices in all kinds of cartoons and singlehandedly has provided pretty much all the female voices of Spongebob Squarepants, including every reoccuring one.
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    Star Wars The Clone Wars generally averts this, with a fairly sizeable cast for the series. But the Clone Troopers are generally all voiced by the same voice actor, even when an episode focuses on a small group of individual Clone Troopers (such as Episode 1.05, "Rookies," or 3.02, "ARC Troopers".)
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    • Matt Stone and Trey Parker do the majority of male voices in South Park a lot of which are blatantly similar if not outright identical (though they get around this with some voices due to modifying the pitch, eg. Stan is basically Randy's voice pitched up). Played with for female characters, since several female voice actresses have come and left the show following Mary Kay Bergham's death. During their respective runs however, they do similarly recycle voice roles for characters.
    • Family Guy uses a sizeable cast, but similar voices are prominant, especially due to the heavy use of background characters or one shots. Seth Macfarlene in particular, though having a plausible vocal range, has voiced a endless amount of characters, many of which sound similar. Outright lampshaded in one episode where Peter notes the similarities in voice to his doctor and Carter Peutershmit, leading to a conversation between the two ("Kinda lazy isn't it?").

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    ^ The Family Guy example has been lampshaded at least once; when Peter points out that his father-in-law and his doctor have precisely the same voice, and the two characters have a conversation in the same scene to prove it.

    • Oblivion is somewhat infamous for having exactly 3 NP Cs with unique voices (Emperor Uriel, Martin and Mankar Camoran, voiced by Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean and Terence Stamp respectively), and the rest of the population of Cyrodiil being voiced by 10 actors, making absolutely no effort to hide it.
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    I think this is already covered by Talking To Himself
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    @Tony G: Mel Blanc wasn't quite as prolific as it appeared; he was the only one credited ("Voice Characterizations by Mel Blanc") because he managed to get the credit into his contract when he went exclusive with Warner Bros. Nobody else had that clause, so nobody else was credited.
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    Astaroth's right; we already have this.