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Knitting Pregnancy Announcement
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A male character learns that his wife is expecting a baby. Does she actually inform him of this? Not necessary. She just sits there looking smug and knitting something (often a very small sock), and he gets the message. Often used in works made before it was considered okay to discuss the subject of pregnancy, as it has the benefit of also informing the audience that the woman is with child, without having to actually say it.


  • The second The Thin Man movie. Nick has just solved a very complicated mystery, but has yet to deduce that his wife Nora is expecting. Until he realizes that she is knitting a baby's sock.
  • The Addams Family. Gomez realizes in the last scene that Morticia is knitting a baby's jumper. With three legs.
  • Lady and the Tramp. Lady tells Jock and Trusty that her female owner "Darling" is knitting booties. Jock and Trusty realize that "Darling" is going to have a baby, and try to explain that to Lady.

Live-Action TV
  • Lampshaded and Subverted in I Love Lucy. Lucy and Ethel think their husbands are going to join the army and take up knitting. The husbands notice them doing this, and naturally assume they are both having babies.

Western Animation

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