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Useful Yo-yo
Yoyo's being used in more ways than just a toy.
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I've noticed that Killer Yoyo is getting misuse for a yoyo being used as a tool rather than as a weapon. So I decided to make this trope since we have it for some reason.

Indices: Improvised Index and Toy Tropes

Yo-yos are used to do more than just cool tricks in fiction. They can be used as lassos getting the bad guys and capturing objects. They can also be used as swings to go from one location to the next. It might even have magical abilities.

See also Killer Yoyo for when they used as melee weapons.
Western Animation

  • Velma's yoyo in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. It's extremely helpful, as she used it to hold on trees, tangle villains, gain speed in their Mystery Skate...
  • Ying Yang Yo-Yo from Xiaolin Showdown can open portals to the Ying-Yang World.
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