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Alignment Rock-Paper-Scissors

Good Defeats Evil, Evil Defeats Neutral, Neutral defeats Good

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A Sub-Trope of Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors and Sister Trope to Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors.

(Needs More Examples, Trope Worthy ? or should it just be added as a subset of Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors)

Another form of balancing advantages and disadvantages, primarily in Video Games. In this set up, effectiveness is dependant on moral alignment rather than Elemental Powers of Tactical advantages. Whenever this shows up, expect it to follow this formula:
  • Good Defeats Evil
  • Evil Defeats Neutral
  • Neutral defeats Good

This may take cues from other storytelling tropes in that villains typically target civilians (or seduce Neutrals to to the Dark Side), Heroes vanquish villains (or rise above the influence), and Civilians can either win over heroes or (abuse them without consequence.)


  • Digimon: Vaccine beats Virus, Virus beats Data, Data beats Vaccine
  • Fire Emblem: The magic triangle, Light defeats Dark, Dark defeats Nature, Nature defeats Light.
  • Mario Party: One minigame featured a game that was literally Rock Paper Scissor, only played with Mario beats Bowser, Bowser beats Peach, and Peach beats Mario.

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  • August 9, 2012
    I think these are listed on Tactical Rock Paper Scissors, and none of your examples seem dramatically different from what is listed there. I also think it's reaching a bit to call these groups "good, neutral and evil".