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Enlightenment Punk can easiest be described as the missing link between Clock Punk and Steam Punk. While the former genre assumes that the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci actually somehow worked as planned, do the later assume that the same is true about the crazy machines that show up in the works by Jules Verne.

There is a quite vague border between this trope and Clock Punk, usually somewhere in the early 1600s. The border to Steampunk tend to be more easily defined, with the Industrial Revolution as the border. All the fancy machines is usually powered by how people understood the laws of physics back then.

Magnetism, perpetual motion engines and the new-fashioned "electrical" fire probably is power sources together with the older and more tried steam-engine. Goes by the alternate name of Lace Punk because of the clothes of the period...

Fantasy versions, which maybe should be an trope of its own, like Gaslamp Fantasy, involve Hollywood Voodoo, the Church, various occult movements and the Ancient Conspiracy or two that tend to crop up in this time-period...


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