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Nerds Are Nicer
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In Hollywood High School the nerds are not simply smart, they also tend to be the nicest guys you can ever hope to meet. They might be snarky but most of the time their cutting sense of humour will be directed only at themselves or evil jocks. Nerds are sensitive, chivalrous, romantic and simply better than the popular kids. Give Geeks a Chance is about a geeky guy ending up with a hot babe. Nerds Being Nicer is usually a big part but Give Geeks a Chance is more of an actual plot while Nerds Are Nicer is more of a stock characteristic. Nerds Are Nicer doesn't even strictly need the hot babe.

Contrast Jerk Jock, The Libby, The Cheerleader and Popular Is Dumb. Compare with Cool Loser. See also Adorkable. See also: Nice Guy, Dogged Nice Guy Seen It a Million Times


Films — Animated
  • Milo Thatch in Atlantis The Lost Empire, who is the only genuinely nice person on the team, and isn't in it for the money.

Films — Live-Action
  • Cant Buy Me Love (and presumably its Ethnic Remake Love Don't Cost a Thing): nerd cons his way into Jock lifestyle and becomes a Jerk, realizes that Nerds Are Nicer.

Live-Action Television
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