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Hey, at least with the dying, their Earthly problems will soon be over. Jewish people still have to deal with...

All right, all right! I'll describe Jewish Complaining here already! There, are you happy now?

Jews have a long, proud history of whining and complaining, or at least the Ashkenazi do. They will complain about many things, in many forms, whether it's hypochondria (Oh God, can you catch something from writing that?), having to go to work, having to come home from work, paying too much for something, paying too little for something and worrying it's not good, their friends' bad habits, their friends' good habits, their Jewish Mothers thinking they aren't good enough, or the mothers themselves thinking their children aren't good enough.

This is actually joked about more among Jews themselves than anyone prejudiced against them. Heck, if you see a show showing Jewish people being big whiners, it's more than likely a Jew wrote those parts.

Jews Love to Argue is a Sister Trope. A lot of arguing among Jews is often just them complaining about each other at the same time.

Not to be confused with License To Whine.


  • Done a number of times in Fiddler on the Roof, especially by Tevye, including once as a way to save face after he finally gave his blessing to one of his daughters after she married a gentile.
  • The Hebrew Hammer uses this as the final test the "Jewish Justice League" has to gain entrance. It also turns out to be part of a Jew's ultimate weapon.
  • Woody Allen was famous for his characters doing this, and a number of characters based on him do it as well.

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