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Embarrassed Beauty
A character is embarrassed or troubled by the fact they're considered attractive by others.
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A character who is embarrassed by the attention or compliments their beauty gets them from other characters.

These characters get a lot of stares, and not for bad reasons; however, they'd prefer to remain unnoticed. These characters can become very flustered by being the focus of attention. Interestingly, this embarrasment will often be the greatest when the character who is giving them unwanted attention is a character they are interested in romantically. "Please don't stare" is a common statement from this character.

While this trait is most often associated with young, innocent characters, it can also be due to shyness, modesty, inexperience, or a psychological condition such as High Functioning Autism. Typical character tropes likely to experience this include Reluctant Fanservice Girl, Shrinking Violet, Troubled, but Cute, and Yamato Nadeshiko, but it might also happen to any attractive character. For example, an older woman who has not lost her youthful beauty might be embarassed by discovering that she's now considered more attractive by some suitors than when she was younger.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]] [[/folder]]

  • Piper in The Lost Hero right after Aphrodite claims her as her daughter is given the goddess' blessing, instantly making her the most beautiful girl in camp, something she finds embarrassing to no end until it fades.
  • Jane Austen's Mansfield Park: When Fanny Price's uncle Sir Thomas returns from his oversea business, he comments on Fanny's newly acquired good looks and finds her very pretty. Her cousin, only friend and mentor Edmund, who she has a crush on, repeats her his admiration, and Fanny feels embarrassed. She gained a bit of confidence later when the story progressed.
    Edmund: You must really begin to harden yourself to the idea of being worth looking at. You must try not to mind growing up into a pretty woman.
    Fanny:Oh! don't talk so, don't talk so!
  • Lena from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is embarrassed by her beauty which causes her to be shy, especially when it comes to love. She is tired of being called beautiful, so she wants her outfits to be drawing away from her.


[[folder:Video Games]]
  • Naoto from Video Game/Persona4 has both male and female admirers due to her androgynous appearance. Despite her usual calm demeanor she does get embarrassed anytime she's complimented for her good looks. She manages to win her school beauty pageant despite not participating in the second round due to embarrassment.
  • From The Tales Series:
  • Mabinogi: Nao Mariota Pryderi is arguably the most well-endowed character in the game, and the only one subject to Jiggle Physics. She gets quite flustered when the subject is brought up; unlike Rua, below.
  • Fumi in Devil Survivor 2 remarks in response to comments about her chest that she doesn't appreciate the staring.

[[folder:Web Original - Role Play]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • Resident Psychopathic Manchild Melissa from The Doomy Adventures Of Irken Doominess, after becoming a baby became a adorable to everyone, although she becomes flustered and annoyed when referred to as cute.
  • In an Cartoon Network bumper that (naturally) crosses-over the Justice League and the Powerpuff Girls, as the Bad Guys are being taken away, Wonder Woman tries to cheer up the Girls by saying that soon they will soon develop into strong heroines; when this happens, Bubbles says "Someday we'll be as developed as you!". All the characters start to giggle at the double entendre as Wonder Woman slowly slides her hands up to cover her upper body.
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