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Sterile White Hospital Room
Hospitals, be they physical medicine or psychiatric medicine, tend to have white rooms
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Most hospital rooms on TV are painted white, probably because white has connotations of sterility and cleanliness. Psychiatric hospitals use this too, although in that case, it's probably because white will keep patients calmer.

Hospital rooms on TV almost always look so shiny and new that they could be on the starship Enterprise. Every TV hospital must have been built the previous week, because they never have out-of-date equipment, old paint in funny colours or mismatched guest chairs.

In real life most hospitals have white walls, often with blue floors. In fact white walls and blue floors are fairly common in office buildings as well. Red is avoided in hospitals, but not so much in offices.

Why is this? Well, imagine how it would feel to wake up in a hospital with black walls and a florescent pink floor.

Compare White Void Room and Ascetic Aesthetic.


Live-Action TV
  • Misfits: 3.5 - the hospital the group is working in is all white. Blue curtains to offset.

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