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The Challenger
A tough, secondary character challenges the hero, establishing the true pack leader for the audience
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The Badass Challenger is a big, tough, minor character who steps up and challenges the hero's authority in front of everyone. This is often seen in Proud Warrior Clans and war movies/novels. The hero wants to go north, but the Badass Challenge says "we go south." In seconds, the Challenger goes berserk, drawing his weapons and saying "who are you to tell me what to do?" This is a dick measuring contest of the finest order and helps establish the hero as the true Badass, who puts the challenger in his place with physical violence, a Death Stare or a cold threat, spoken low. After the Badass Challenger submits to the true hero's authority, they often have a manly laugh about it.


  • Minor spoilers for Game of Thrones*

One of the finest examples of this is when Greatjon challenges Rob Stark at his first war planning session. He openly threatens Robb's legitimacy to lead them and draws his sword. Rob's Dire Wolf attacks, taking off two of Greatjon's fingers. Greatjon submits and they all have a manly laugh together.
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