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Perfect Asshole
A Jerk Ass with zero redeeming features.
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Sometimes a jerk with a bad attitude will be shown to not have a bad heart deep down when you scratch past the surface. Other times a jerk will be an unpleasent asshole to the core, but not always nessecarily a terrible person and will occasionally Pet the Dog, though sometimes might just revoke it later. However, some jerks just go all out in being hateful, unscrupulous, and mean spirited bullies and do not show a trace of true decency in their actions and behaviour. This is the Jerk Ass taken Up to Eleven: an unrepentent Jerk Ass with no qualms, no shame, and no redeeming qualities. On the sliding scale of dickery, this character comes right between a regular standard Jerk Ass and a Complete Monster. This person is the Perfect Asshole.

The Perfect Asshole is never kidding around in his or her jerkishness, even if the work is lighthearted or comedic. These guys have no Jerk Justifications about what they say and do: they will use, abuse, and put down others for self-centered reasons, or for no reason at all other than for kicks. Their Lack of Empathy for anyone who's not them or in any way connected to them makes it impossible for them to display any acts of kindness. Instead, they will kick dogs and then Kick Them While They Are Down. It might even be that they enjoy this cruelty at the expense of others. In short, this is the worst kind of person you could hope not to deal with in regular life.

Trope name comes from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, where Wallace Wells says the line "What a perfect asshole" in reference to Gideon Graves, the Big Bad.

Please note that a Perfect Asshole must not show any behaviour that could be considered in any way "positive." The character will never Pet the Dog, will rarely ever have a point on something, cannot be considered a Jerk Ass Woobie, will never have a Jerk Ass Realization, and nobody would ever want this jerk back. This is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: the character is perfect at being a total asshole.

May or may not be a villain. Can sometimes be a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, The Sociopath, or a Complete Monster depending on how the work's narrative choses to portray the jerk in question. See also Hate Sink.
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